our promise

At bubba & bella, we believe that what you put on your body is as important as what goes in it.

We are committed to making products that kids love and parents feel good about. We use real, natural, and organic ingredients to create high quality products. Our formulas are free of questionable ingredients that most mainstream cosmetics contain.

Whenever possible, we use eco-friendly, recyclable, and/or compostable packaging. We have lots of new ideas in the works, we can’t wait to show you!

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our story

Here’s my truth–I’m a girly girl at heart. Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, I was fascinated by the iconic cosmetics of that time. Delectable Lip Lickers in their adorable tins. Big, fat tubes of fruitilicious Lip Smackers. Sweetly scented Luv’s Baby Soft. I still remember the tastes and smells. My friends and I played with them, shared them, loved them.

Had my mom known then what we know now, there may not even be bubba & bella today. When it came to food, she was ahead of the curve on natural and organic. She knew that real ingredients were better. In our house, the foods my brothers and I wanted as kids were banned–Kaboom cereal, PB&J on Wonder bread, and Pink Snowballs. Instead, we had a steady supply of homemade granola, wheat bread and oatmeal raisin cookies. If she had known then about the not so real ingredients in cosmetics and skin care, my beloved Lip Lickers may also have been banned.

My mom wanted the best for us, to protect us, to keep us safe. Now I’m a mom with a son and daughter (yep, my bubba & bella), and I totally get it. Today, we know so much more, not only about the benefits of real ingredients in our food, but also in our cosmetics and skincare.

I, too, want the best for my kids, to protect them, and keep them safe. But how? Rather than banning the things they really want, I want them to have viable options that are just as fun and exciting. Natural products with real ingredients don’t have to be boring!

That’s why I created bubba & bella. To offer a better alternative so our kids are free to play, experiment and explore with products made of real, natural ingredients that kids love and parents feel good about.
Now that we know better, we have to do better.

Made with love,

Judy Todd, Founder of Bubba & Bella

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